Jeanine's Story
Prior to founding Susan & Willie.. We are building a world class Global Shaklee business development team and we are excited to share what Shaklee can do for you! Our desire is to enable you to invest in your health and wealth through Shaklee today! We would like to welcome you into the Shaklee family and ultimately the healthy life style Shaklee offers members and the world.    We have earned $$$, are driving a brand new car, and traveling to places that would never had been possible for us before...and we never pay a dime!  The best part is we are doing what we love, with people that we love.  None of us determines what happens to us, but each of us have a choice of what we make of it. We choose to live life to the fullest and dream!
Amanda McFaul - Philadelphia, PASince partnering with Shaklee 5 months ago, I have earned $4,000 in extra income, met some amazing people, and seen my own health transformed!  I look forward to an increasingly promising future with this company!
Heather HirshI am so grateful my friend introduced me to Impact Partners and our brand partner Shaklee. My life has changed in so many ways from thousands of dollars increase in income, traveling to places I’ve never been, and seeing so many lives impacted and changed in the process. I’m thankful every day for what I get to be a part of with this team!
Brooke Thomas- Since partnering with Impact Partners and our Brand Partner, my bonuses have totaled over $95,000, all through helping my teammates' businesses grow!  I've gotten to travel to exotic places, all-expenses paid...Atlantis, the Mayan Riviera, and Kenya.  Monthly I am given a car allowance and I've earned 2 IPads and more!  Working with this team, following the training, and  has taken me places I never dreamed I’d be!
Stacy_PolaroidsStacey Moran - For 15 years prior to finding Shaklee, I struggled terribly with my health. Doctors could only diagnose it as an auto-immune condition of unknown origin. It left me feeling constantly tired with weakness, joint pain and many other crazy symptoms including loss of pigment in the skin on my chest, arms and legs as well as what appeared to be a burn-like rash covering my face. I was young when all this started and had plans for my life, so I took every medication the doctors recommended in the hopes of feeling normal and doing all the things I had dreams of like getting married, having kids and living a normal life. Some meds worked better than others and my quest for "natural" remedies had proved unsuccessful, prior to Shaklee. After 15 years of doing everything I thought I could to get by, I was sicker than ever because my body had become immune to all the medication from being on it for so long and I was still getting flare-ups. I had a beautiful family that I couldn't enjoy. My friend, Jeanine had told me how different Shaklee was but I was so skeptical. I mean I had tried EVERYTHING. Why was this going to be different, but at the same time, what did I have to lose?? I started with Vitalizer and 1 shake a day and within a week, I felt a difference. I thought I was crazy and that it was the placebo effect but I continued. Within the first month, I had weaned off of all temporary and permanent medications. That was June 2014 and I have not had to be on a single one since - it's the longest span I have been medication-free in almost two decades! The pure nutrition in Shaklee products was enough to rebuild my body. With just one shake a day and Vitalizer, I was able to become a better version of myself and was able to be the wife and mom I had wanted to be for so long! And the icing on the cake...I lost 47lbs within one year of sticking consistently with the products simply because I had energy and was able to be active! But, the surprises didn't stop there! After struggling through my pregnancies and being told with my youngest that if I wanted more children, I should look into fertility, Shaklee nutrition allowed my body to be healthy enough for a surprise, miracle baby that will enter this world come February! We could not feel more blessed that Shaklee came into our lives and will continue to shout from the rooftops what Shaklee nutrition is capable of doing!
Shelly_PolaroidsShelly Lowes - In 2011, I joined Shaklee and Impact Partners because I wanted to work from home, get my health on track and spend more time with my family.  What I have experienced with Shaklee and Impact Partners is far more than I had ever dreamed of! I have gained lifelong friendships, increasing health, and exemplary leadership. I'm proud to be a part of such a great company and team!
Vanessa_Tang_PolaroidsVanessa Tang - Cincinnati, Ohio My life has done a complete turnaround since joining Impact Partners and Shaklee five years ago.  Before learning about this incredible business opportunity, my health and the health of our daughter were struggling.  Now, we are in the best health we have ever been and are thriving!  The best part is we have been so transformed that we can help other individuals mobilize their future and income.  I am so blessed by this amazing team and the growth it has generated for our family.
Lauren Napoli_PolaroidsLauren Napoli - Prior to getting started with Shaklee… I was exhausted.  I was drinking 3 cups of coffee each day just to make it through and wearing myself out to the point where I was always sick. After I got started with Shaklee… I kicked the coffee habit, lost 10 lbs and feel better than I ever have in my entire life.  And I have not paid a single sick co-pay at the doctors ever since!! However I truly believe I was meant to find this company due to personal circumstances in my life.  When my son turned 3, he was up night after night, coughing until the point he vomited.  The diagnosis was asthma and he was put on 5 medications around the clock.  For an entire year, he laid on the couch too weak to do the other things that normal 3 yr olds do… he also suffered through two bouts of pneumonia and my heart broke every single day for my child.  Then I decided to do something about it.  I did my research and found that the chemical cleaners I was using in my home could be a major contributor to his condition.  I got rid of everything, went on a mission to find something that worked as well as my Clorox and Lysol, but never had any luck.  That’s when I found Shaklee.  Not only are their cleaning products completely safe for my son to breath in, they work better than anything I’ve ever used before.  As I looked into the company, I learned that their nutrition products are also the best that money can buy and put my son on a vitamin regime.  Within two months, he weaned off all medications.  He's now 9 years old and hasn't touched a drug or had a sick visit since finding Shaklee. I thank God everyday for bringing Shaklee into our lives!!
Janet_PolaroidsJanet Tamassia - When I was introduced to Shaklee in 2012 I was simply looking for quality vitamins for me and my children. I was tired all the time and I knew my kids weren’t getting the nutrition they needed every day. My older son Nicholas suffered from asthma and allergies and had been hospitalized twice with pneumonia. I also I needed to lose a few pounds, and in 2013 I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells in my breasts. Since incorporating Shaklee nutrition and cleaning products into our home, we have been able to take our son off both of his medications and we hardly ever get sick. I not only lost a few pounds, but 20 pounds…I weigh less now than I did when I graduated from high school 25 years ago and I have more energy than I’ve ever had in my life. And to top it off, my breast issues have improved, despite my doctor telling me better nutrition would not help. I fell so much in love with the company and the products that a year later, despite the belief that I’d never do direct sales, I started my own Shaklee business to share them with others in 2013. I wanted three things – continued improved health for me and my family, a way to get my products paid for, and to grow professionally because I was working in job that offered me little opportunity for growth and advancement. I received all of that and so much more, that another year later I quit my 19-year career in marketing to share Shaklee full-time.
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